Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is There a Cross in Your Life?

I was sent the words to this song from a woman in my BSF group. She sent them to me via e-mail and it was such a blessing to open up the e-mail and read this. What a wonderful song!

What do you say about Jesus?
Is He a liar or is He truly God's Son?
We all have to answer, with a heart of conviction.
Is this man the Holy One?
We must determine that the gospel is true-
That when He died on Calvary
He died for me and you.

Chorus:Is there a cross in your life.
A place where Jesus turned your wrongs to right?
Is there a moment in time
When Jesus turned your darkness into light?
A day of revelation, when you became a new creation.
Because you realize that Jesus is the Christ?
It's a question only you can settle-
Is there a cross in your life?

Many believe in His birthday.
Many believe Jesus died on a cross;
but do you believe that He arose on the third day
Securing hope for the Lost?
Oh, now is the hour to answer the call.
To trust in Jesus once and for all.
(repeat chorus)

Just to believe is not enough.
Empty words will turn a heart to stone.
We must receive Jesus and make our heart His home.
(repeat chorus)

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