Thursday, April 3, 2008

My first time blogging

This is pretty cool. I thought maybe I could just tell people about this blog and they can read updates as often as they want about us. The title means that there are now three of us, Tim, me and Emma...but really five...Tim, me, Emma, Duke and Bella. I thought that was pretty catchy. I guess I can post pictures on here which is pretty cool. I can't promise no e-mails of pictures, but maybe just not as many. Here is a picture many of you have seen, but I am posting it, really, just to see if I know how to. (Well, I just did it and it posted the picture at the top of the blog...oh well). This first blog is really just a test run to see how I do. Well, I am at work so that is it for now. More later :)

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