Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No more oatmeal, peaches or prunes!!

So yesterday afternoon Emma woke up from her afternoon nap covered in red splotches. As a first time mommy...I was very worried. I called her doctor and they wanted me to bring her in. Dr. Auman looked her over and determined she was having an allergic reaction....she had eaten oatmeal, peaches and prunes. He said it could have been a reaction to those or something else. There is no way to really determine. So...no more oatmeal, paches or prunes...for the next couple weeks at least. Emma loved the oatmeal too...oh well. (I think she will be fine not having to eat prunes for a while) :)

With all that hoopla yesterday, God still gave me the provision to make it to my Bible study...and I am so glad He did. We are studying Matthew and we are in chapter 24where Jesus talks about the end of the age. Boy....what a wonderful day when we will see Jesus coming in the clouds for all of His children!! I pray that everyone I know will be joining me in going home with Jesus :)

Check back for my next post....you will read about the adventures of Emma with her sock monkies :)

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