Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sort of a rambling of a post...

Well....Emma has her first tooth! :( Sort of happy sort of sad...happy because she has her first tooth!! Sad because it means she is growing up. I will try to get a picture of it but every time I try to look at it, she sticks her toung out (it is one of the bottom middle). She is making the cutest faces now. I think she is feeling her tooth with her toung and lips and it makes for the most adorable faces.

Also, a week from today Tim, Emma and I will be sailing towards the Eastern Caribbean!! YEA...There will be a post about that trip with tons of pictures when we get back.

I have three more weeks of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) left. This was my first year as a leader and I must say I have seen God at work in my life. I started the year pregnant...but God saw a way for me. He gave me what I needed to have Emma and to get back into BSF (The way being my WONDERFUL husband who, happily, keeps Emma every Saturday morning and Monday night...BSF stuff). God has certainly provided for me when it came to BSF this year. I can't wait for next year. We are studying the Life of Moses.

Now for some pictures:
Here is a picture of a flower from our pretty!
I was so excited to walk out to our pond and see a lilly pad flower. We had lilly pads last year but no flowers...this made my day. It is just so beautiful :)
Here is Emma enjoying some time with can't really tell but her eyes look so blue in this picture. Sometimes they look blue and other times they look green. I have brown eyes and Tim has blue eyes....wonder what she will end up with??
This is Bella swimming :)
Look at that SWEET foot!!!!!!!! I could just eat it!
This little guy was hanging out on our screen porch the other day. He was so pretty...and so nice to let me get so close to take a picture.

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