Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another post about life, etc.

So I have recently reconnected with one of my friends from high school. Her name is Erica. She and her family actually moved to NC from Ohio around the same time we did. Erica dated the same guy all throughout high school and apparently through college and they married 5 years ago. Erica lost him, his name was HeeJun, in a motorcycle accident the beginning of this month (August). My heart sunk when I heard about it. They had their whole married lives ahead of them. It seemed too soon for somebody my age to loose their husband. I can't even imagine what Erica is going through right now. Ever since hearing the news, Erica has been in my prayers constantly. She has started a blog which I have posted to the right on this screen...I highly recommend reading it. Erica talks about their life together, how they both came to know the Lord while together and HeeJun's life and how he was all about glorifying the Lord every day. I pray Erica can find comfort in the fact that HeeJun is in heaven right now, with Jesus, and waiting for her to join him.

This is just another event that makes me appreciate, even more, what I have. I have my wonderful husband to come home to, to hug, to see every day. I will charish every single moment I have with him until the Lord takes one of us home (I pray it is me first!) ;)

Please check out Erica's blog. It is truly uplifting to read HeeJun's heart for the Lord.

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