Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another year of BSF is around the corner

So I got my list of girls for my small group in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this year a couple days ago. I was excited to get the list but sad at the same time. I have enjoyed my extra time with Tim and Emma on Monday nights and Saturday mornings this summer. It was so easy of me to think....maybe I just won't do it this year. SO...I prayed about it...and God made it clear to me that not doing it is not the way to go. To be honest, since BSF ended in the spring, I think I have cracked open my Bible just a hand full of times this summer. BSF is such a wonderful mechanism for me to be in His Word weekly and to grow. Why would I give that up? What was I even thinking? It is an honor for me to be able to participate in such a wonderful study of His Word and even more, to be a leader of a small group of women. And once Emma is old enough (school age), she will come with me and learn about the Bible too. How blessed will we be then! Oh boy... I am getting so excited just thinking about it :) God is so good. He knows just what I need when I need it. I am so blessed and can't wait to dust off my Bible and dive back into His Word this year.

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