Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So we had our appointment yesterday. It was not what I expected...(I don't really know what I expected). We got there and got in the room. It had a bunch of toys, mirrors, etc. We sat Emma on the mat and she started playing with some toys. Every so often she would turn around to make sure Tim and I were still there. The second the therapist went over to Emma, she started crying. Emma would not let the therapist touch her. So, I ended up giving her a bottle which enabled them to look at her feet and legs. The good report is they don't think she needs any sort of corrective braces or shoes :) They said her feet go into the "neutral" position very easily. They showed me how to massage her feet and I am doing that this week. They observed her playing, after her bottle, and were really pleased with how she was balancing while sitting, reaching for things and even while on her tummy, they really liked what they saw her doing with her legs. They said she is showing all the signs of progressing and making that next step...so that is a good thing too.

So, all in all it was a good evaluation. I wish Emma liked the therapist better...but we can work on that. We will be going once a week and hopefully they will give me some exercises to do with her at home. I have heard nothing but good things about PT from some of my fellow November mommies, so--I am hopeful.

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