Thursday, October 30, 2008

No more bot bots

So at Emma's 9 month appointment our doctor told us that he wanted her off her bottles by her first birthday. He instructed me when Emma turned 11 months, to replace a bottle a week with a sippy of milk. At 11 months Emma was down to 3 bots a day. So, I first took away the mid-day bot--No problem at all. A week later I eliminated the morning bot--Piece of Cake! So this past week we were down to our 1 bot a day, the evening bot. My plan was to let Emma tell me when she was done with her evening bot. Well, last night she was all cozy wozy after her bath in her PJ's. I made her bot and plopped her in her bean bag. She laid there for 2 seconds and sucked on her bot before she threw it on the floor! So, I picked it back up and asked her if she was done...she responded "Da". I tried to give it to her one more time but she handed it back to me. I said all done...and she said "Da". baby is done with her bottles. Something that I hated giving in to when she was so tiny because we were having trouble breast feeding is something I am so sad is ending. It is just one more step away from her being my baby and another step towards her being my little girl.
She is so amazing....Tim is so life is so amazing. Thank you, God, for my life.

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Melanie said...

WOW! That sounds like it was easy! You must have a flexible little girl there! (that, or she's going to be the independent type, which is both sad and GREAT)