Friday, November 28, 2008


Boy oh boy...can anyone say TURKEY!!! Yum....what a great Thanksgiving. First, we had dinner with my side of the family on Wednesday. My mom and sisters came to my house and my mom cooked. It was wonderful!! Then, on Thursday we had several being Bill and Debbie's house. Debbie cooked a turkey and it was great! Two days of amazing food...and now we have the leftovers. Yum!!! Enjoy the pictures. They are backwards (Thursday first and Wednesday second)...but that is okay.

Deb's turkey:
Uncle Bill and Emma

Emma's cousin, Christian. They were so cute playing together.

Emma found this monkey of Christians...she loved it!

Ready to eat!

Here is another of Emma's cousins...Jack

Jessica on the left and Bryna on the right...we are going to have a full house next year at Thanksgiving..FUN!

Emma and Aunt B

Sock monkey slippers :)

The fam

The cousins...two more will be sitting there next year!

We asked Emma where her baby was (the Cabbage Patch kid) and Jack pointed to his belly. Since his mama is pregnant, everyone has a baby in their belly!! So cute!!

Aunt Jess reading to EGD

Uncle Mike singing "Pat A Cake"

Matthew...made a cameo to eat...but otherwise when he is at our house he plays some fun video games (glad I have a "fun" house).

Ready to eat.

Daddy and Emma :)

Mom's turkey...YUM

Bryna made an apple pie...that she came up with in her head!! It was SO good.

Emma giving her cousin, Noah, some lovin'!

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