Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some of my thoughts on Christmas...

So as Christmas quickly approaches, I got to thinking this morning on my way into work about how I am so looking forward to Christmasses with Emma. I am having so much fun this year getting her little things for her stocking and starting new traditions. She was here for Christmas last year...but she was 6 weeks old. This year is a little more real...if that makes sense.

I also started thinking about how great my mom and dad made Christmas for my sisters and I when we were growing up. Christmas morning was always so much fun. We would wake my parents up several times (starting around 5 in the morning) until they finally got up. Then we would have to wait for my dad to make was TORTURE. Then we would go downstairs. We would see all the presents santa left and our stockings overflowing with treats. I don't remember ever being disappointed with Christmas. Mom and dad always (pretty much) got us what we asked for and then some. I realize now (being a parent) how much they really did...and what all they did to make it so special for us. It is becuase of them that I get excited about Christmas with Emma. I get excited about filling up her stocking, getting her special presents...and most of all...seeing her face when she sees the tree, presents and stocking on Christmas morning. I can't wait! This year she is still a bit young..but maybe next year...or the year after...she will really "get it"...but what I mostly want her to get is the reason for Christmas--Jesus' birthday...That God sent His Son for amazing...Amazing Love!

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The Cohen's said...

You are such a good mom!!! I just thought I'd remind of you of that! Emma is VERY lucky. :)