Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank you, Jesus

So the sermon in church today was great. It was on the "Christmas story" and how much of it has been changed to look good to people. One thing I found very interesting was with regard to one of the three gifts that were given to Jesus. It was the myrrh. Apparently that was used to embalm dead bodies and was mixed with something to take the pain away. Why would somebody give a gift like that to an infant?

Well, Jesus was offered myrrh while He was dying on the cross...which He refused so He would have his "whits" about Him. Later on, He was offered another drink right before He died and He accepted it knowing that His job was done here on earth.....basically, this gift was given to Jesus because He was born to die. Pretty powerful words right there. You don't typically look at a newborn baby and think about their death...but these wisemen did.

Jesus came to earth....just to die. To save us. To take our forgive us. To give us eternal life.

Thank you, Jesus.

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