Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things

So for those of you on Face Book you know about this 25 random things note going around. Well, I have been tagged about a million times so I decided to type up my list. Since this blog is all about me putting my heart on my sleve for everyone to it goes. My 25 random things about me list:

1. I asked Jesus into my heart in my early 20's and was baptized in a lake a few years after that.
2. I have a passion for photography.
3. I am so in love with my family....Tim and Emma. They fill my heart with joy.
4. I am obsessed with Christian recording artist, Chris Tomlin. I have traveled up and down the East Coast to see him in concert a hand full of times and have front row tix to see him in Winston Salem this April!
5. I LOVE that my sisters and I all have babies now. It is so amazing how that has brought us even closer.
6. I wish my dad lived closer to me (close enough just to hop in the car and see him whenever I want to).
7. I second guess myself with every parenting decision Tim and I make.
8. Tim and I have been on two cruises and plan on doing one every year–with Emma in tow. We LOVE it!
9. My first time flying was when I was 26...I flew at the age of 4 but don’t remember it.
10. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio.
11. I love my job and my boss...she is one of my closest friends. I actually got my job because I was my boss’ bank teller and she approached me one day asking me if I had ever considered being a paralegal....I have been at my job for 8 years.
12. Tim and I use to have a ferret and his name was Simon. He was awesome!
13. I cried my first day after middle school because my mom was not at my school anymore (she worked at my elem school).
14. I am very shy and not so outgoing....a personality trait I gave to my Emma...and I am ok with that.
15. I cherish the relationships I have made with fellow Christian women. Specifically those in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).
16. My heart hurts for family members/friends who do not know the Lord...I want to see them in Heaven.
17. I want to do everything I can to make my marriage thrive. (It is the second most important relationship in my life)!
18. I met Tim when I was 15 and had a HUGE high school crush on him...and we started dating when I was 18...the rest is history.
19. I am a horrible house wife and wish I was better at it, i.e. cooking and cleaning
20. I love the seasons of North Carolina...they are just right.
21. I think time with family and extended family is so special!
22. I would love to have baby #2 but would be perfectly happy just having Emma.
23. I have to have one cup of coffee in the morning to function.
24. My sport in high school was swimming.
25. I love my husband so much...he is so amazing and works so hard for our family. He is also so wonderful with Emma...she loves her daddy so much. I could not get through a day without him.

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