Thursday, January 29, 2009

EGD is an update on our sweetest little baby. This girl is amazing! Tim and I have to tell/show her something one time and she gets it! Our routine in the morning is when she wakes up she comes into our room while we get ready and she has her cup of juice on our bed. Well, this past week she as started asking for her juice the second we get into our room. She looks at me and says "juice". When she makes the "ce" sound she shows all her teeth. It is absolutely adorable. She also knows when something is hot...or things that make things hot. When you tell her soemthing is hot she blows. Whenever we walk into the kitchen she blows at the stove top and whenever we get something out of the microwave she blows...she also blows at the fireplace and candles (when lit). As you can see in my list below she has started to notice, and tell us, when her diaper is dirty. I can see an attempt at potty training in our near future. We are going to master walking before that though. She is a pro at throwing the ball back and forth. For a while there we were having a difficult time with meals...but I figured out the problem. She likes to use utencils! As you saw in one of my earlier posts...she loves to eat with her fork. So, every meal she gets utencils and eats way more than she would with just her fingers. She must not like getting dirty. Whenever I do an update like this I ALWAYS forget something! And I am sure I am now...but that is get the basic idea. Basically Emma is thriving, growing, learning, touching everyone's heart she comes in contact with....being the most wonderful baby Tim and I could have ever prayed for!

So here is my list of words and sounds she is making....again, I am probably forgetting some...I will edit if I think of more :) All of these words she says in relation to the she GETS it... :)

boo boos (when she has used the potty)
wee wee (when she as used the potty)
Bella (sounds like Belllttthhh)
Doo Doo for Duke
George (for her monkey)
buddie (for her blanket)
bah (for things that are not for Emma)
balloon (sounds like baooonnnn)
paw paw (Em’s dad)
moo ma (Tim’s mom)
doo da (Tim’s mom’s husband)
uh oh (even before she drops something but knows she is going to drop it)

Meow when asked what a kitty cat says
woof woof (sounds like woo woo) when asked what a doggie says
baa baa when asked what a lamb says
grrrr when asked what a tiger/lion says
tweet tweet when asked what a birdie says
moo when asked what a cow says

And last but not least here is a video of Emma pointing out various body parts as well as her diaper :) Enjoy!


studio 310 said...

so cute. thanks for sharing.

Wilson Ramblings said...

she's doing so well and is so smart! We've got to get these kiddos together soon!!!! I love that she knows where her heart is!

Amelia said...

What a little genius! She's so amazing :) I still can't get over her blowing kisses when she hears mama.