Saturday, January 17, 2009

Play Date

So today Emma and I went back to Marbles to meet Payton and Lyla for a play date. We have met up with them (and their mommas of course) a hand full of times. I met their moms online through a mom group. It is so awesome having some friends that have kids that are the same age as Emma (Payton and Lyla are also November 2007 babies). Check out this link: to the first time we ever got together (I think this was in August of 2008). It is going to be fun to watch these little girls grow up together....hopefully...and develop a friendship. (Their mom's are pretty awesome too :) ). Enjoy the pictures from our day.

Emma, Lyla and Payton

Emma and Payton

Sweet Lyla smile :)

Sweet Payton smile :)

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