Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We had snow today in Raleigh, North Carolina! How fun!! This was Emma's first time experiencing snow and she loved it. We took her out first thing and then a little later in the day after a nap and lunch. We could not believe it...it just kept snowing and snowing. I think the official total was close to 6 inches. The snow was so pretty. I tried to capture some of the beauty with some photos, but it is hard to capture what you are seeing with your eyes with a camera. I am going to head out later to try to take some more photos of the scenery because a snow like this only happens once every several years here in NC. I also want to document Emma's first snowfall ever! So....enjoy the photos :)

Emma tasting snow
Our house and yard

A small pond behind our house...it was sort of frozen

These are on some horse trails behind our house. I loved how the snow stuck to all the branches...it was georgeous

Do you see Bella at the end of the trail....

We made sure to keep the bird feeders full for our friends

We really need to get a sled...Tim put Emma in a plastic tuperware bin :)
We also tried putting her on a cookie sheet. That is what we did when I was little :)

We had such a good day. There is nothing like having tons of fun in the snow and then heading inside to the fireplace and hot chocolate! It is also a bonus to have a day off of work to spend with my two most favorite people in the whole world!


studio 310 said...

fun photos. i really liked the one of emma eating snow.

*jess* said...

those are FANTASTIC pictures! what a great day! the snow looks so FUN! :)

Hollie said...

I love the picture of Emma eating the snow. Payton went face first several times, but didn't seem to enjoy it like Emma did!

Crystal said...

omg. those photos are surreal. i wish we had snow and trees like yours here.