Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visit with Papa

So my dad came into town this past weekend with his wife, Sandi. Unfortunately, the reason they came in was for Sandi's father's funeral. Bryn and I attended Mr. Whitehurst's funeral and I am confident in saying that he has gone home to be with the Lord. I pray his family finds comfort in that during their time of grief.

~So on to the visit. Dad and Sandi along with Bryna and Noah came to our house for dinner Saturday night. Dad made some good comfort food...mac & cheese and meatloaf (made with turkey and chicken). Yummmm! Noah slept the whole time and Emma had a good time playing and visiting. Dad and Sandi brought Gipsy (their poodle) Emma had fun playing with another dog.

Enjoy the pictures :)

Dad with his two youngest grandbabies.

Emma with her Papa

Emma checking out Sandi's jewelry...she loves jewelry.

Emma and Gipsy

Aunt B and Emma (Noah is sleeping in that bean bag behind Emma)

Papa playing with Emma. There is nothing like seeing your own dad playing with your is amazing.

I love candid shots. This picture just makes me smile. Everyone looks so happy :)

Bryna has been complaining about needing a belt (good problem to have a month after having a baby!)

Tim and Emma do this thing where Tim holds Emma's hands and runs really fast with her...she loves it!

Good family fellowship :)

Something made her really silly....
Dad making dinner....his cooking is SO good!


Bryna Rodenhizer said...

Oh Em... good thing I love you so much otherwise I would murder you!

Wilson Ramblings said...

I love those pictures of Emma with your dad! Precious! You're right, there's nothing like watching your daddy play with your little one. Priceless!