Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh, and...

...I have finally taken too many pictures for my computer to handle! I did not even know that was possible!! But, take it from me, it is. I got on the trusty old computer last night to upload my 250 photos from our day with Jess, Matt, Jack and Lorelei (yes, that is what I average on an outing) and my computer told me there was no more space! I checked out my C drive and sure enough...no free space! I about lost it. So....I am off to Best Buy on my lunch break for them to tell me how to store my pictures to free up some disk space on the pooter!

I love taking pictures :)


GinSpaghetti said...

I had to get an external drive just for pics! Good luck!

studio 310 said...

oh goodness, just ask any professional photographer about running out of hard drive space--it's an ongoing issue.

you should be backing up all your photos anyway. it would really stink to have a computer crash and loose all those photos, or have to pay someone to save your hard drive for you.

after you delete the ones you don't need to keep, back them up to an external hard drive--prices are reasonable right now, and burn them onto to dvds. i don't love writing on dvds. i've heard that can damage the info on the dvd, so i get those slim cases and stick a label in the case. or you could get your favorite photos printed!!

if you want to be really careful, store one of your backups somewhere different--at work, parent or sis's house.