Wednesday, May 20, 2009


...yep, I have been slacking in the blogging department. I have used this excuse before...but boy...I have a one and a half year old to keep up with!

Lets life in a nut shell right now:

~BSF has ended for the summer so I get my Saturday mornings and Monday evening back...MUST find a Bible study for the summer! Any suggestions?
~Emma is one HECK of a sweet baby girl!
~Tim is working away and is a wonderful always!
~Bryn and Noah have been here for a few weeks. I have been spoiled having my little sis here from Japan...but, she and Noah leave tomorrow :(
~Jess is doing great with three kids. Miss Lorelei is ADORABLE!
~My office is moving next week. FUN!
~Emma LOVES swimming in our pool in the backyard. She has a tan too.
~Pictures....yes, I need to post pictures...starting with what...Easter or something like that! Whew!
~I want to knock down the wall between our kitchen and living room....

Ok....our life in a nut shell. I tell you what, it is a blessed life. God is so good and faithful.


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