Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm going to we go:

I am sitting in my living room, there is an electrician working in the kitchen and I can see him....a few days ago I would have just been looking at a wall! Tim and I took the plunge and knocked the wall between the kitchen and living room down. It is pretty much awesome! Pics to come.

I am on a new computer with no there will be no pictures in this post. CPU is an HP is cute.

Emma is amazing. She is carrying on regular conversations. She makes choices and lets me know what she wants. She has been saying "NO" for a while, but has started say "Yeah" for things she wants and agrees to. We will work on the politeness later...a.k.a "Yes Mam, yes sir, etc." I'm just glad it isn't "no". She has started running, dancing more, walking on her tip toes, doing whatever she can to make us laugh. She has started giving hugs and really squeezing! She has a preference on what she wears and what shoes she wears. She LOVES frogs and lizards. She loves holding them. She loves our pool and to play in the water. She loves bugs but hates when they fly toward her. Her hair is getting so long and curly. She is getting so tall. She loves to throw the ball for Duke and Bella. She LOVES Duke and Bella. She is amazing at following directions. She can follow up to 3 and 4 step directions. She understands EVERYTHING we say! She learns so fast.....

I love her!

Bryn, Jeff and Noah are coming back to NC-ville for August. I.CAN'T.WAIT!

Me and Jess along with my friend Hollie went to the Kids Exchange consignment sale over the weekend. Had a blast and got EGD some great stuff :)

Ok...that's it for me...for now.

Off to enjoy my sweet baby girl :)


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Bryna Rodenhizer said...

Oh I can't wait to see Miss EGD! I love her! And I can't wait to hear her say 'Yeah'!