Monday, November 16, 2009

2 year well baby...I mean--well toddler...check up

Here are some pictures from Pullen Park yesterday after EGD's 2 year doctors appointment. She got 4 shots (H1N1being one)! She did great with Dr. Auman's replacement. She is a younger woman....very nice with glasses and brown hair (reminded me of myself sort of). She sat and talked with us for about 10 minutes before even touching Emma. We talked about her shyness and potty training among other things. Then she showed Emma all her instruments and told Emma exactly what she was going to do with them...she also told Emma to tell her to stop if it hurt--I think that helped Emma relax a LOT. This was the FIRST exam Emma has ever had where she didn't cry! I was SO amazed and impressed with this doc. All in all Emma is a thriving, smart, shy (but that's okay), verbal toddler. Doc was impressed with her blood work and could tell I give her a daily vitamin--I thought that was cool.

Enjoy the pictures and her stats are below those (1 year compared to 2 year).

Here are her stats at 2 years:
31.3 lbs (90-95%)
height 34.5" (75%)
head circ 48 cm (75%)
Here are her stats at 1 year:
27.1 lbs (97%)
height: 29.5 inches (75%)
head circ: 45.7 cm (50-75%)

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