Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday--she will be 2 on Thursday!

So this past Saturday we celebrated Emma's 2nd birthday with my mom, Aunt Sheri and Aunt Jess' family. It was the best day! First, I was surprised by my Aunt Sheri making the trip up from Orlando to spend the weekend with us! What an awesome surprise!! Saturday started out with a trip to the Handmade Market in downtown Raleigh. This was a place with a whole bunch of vendors featuring their own unique crafts. Emma got a cute little penguin. It was fun. Then we walked a couple blocks to The Raleigh Times for lunch. It was a great afternoon. The day was finished with a mini-celebration for Emma's birthday. There was family,food and cupcakes...a perfect evening if you ask me! Thank you, everyone for such a fun day!!! We love you :)

Enjoy the pictures. We had a great day!

Jack and Emma enjoying the cupcakes

Emma, Lorelei and Jack

Emma loves Lorelei

Pig slippers!

new dress

Mac & Cheese!
This lamb (Mickey) belonged to me and my sisters when we were Emma's age :)
Aunt Sheri with Lorelei and Emma

Making cupcakes!

lOOk at that dimple <3
This dog was in one of the stores we went in downtown. Her name was Rae Rae....she LOVED Emma :) and Emma loved her

I got a new camera. A Canon Rebel is an SLR camera. I LOVE it and the pictures it takes!

Gram playing with Emma's new penguin.......she's silly!

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Wilson Ramblings said...

happy birthday a few days early miss emma!