Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aunt B

This photo makes my heart melt.

From left to right:
Lorelei, Emma, Noah, Matt and Jack

Aunt B (my younger sister) and Noah were here for two months. We took many opportunities to hang out and get the kids together. I must admit--I was spoiled having my little sis here for so long. With she and Noah gone I am realizing how much I miss so conveniently having them down the road. I miss them.
What I will miss:
~Emma being with Noah (even though sometimes she wanted nothing to do with him)
~Seeing all the cousins together
~Bryna bringing me coffee
~All three sisters together (you would never believe I wanted to strangle Bryn when we were little)
~Dinner and wine together
~Going on playdates
~Talking to Bryn about religion
~Talking to Bryn about parenting
~Talking to Bryn....(she is good at that)
~Family dinners....we still get together when B is not here, but it seems there were more opportunities when she was here...
~Chick-fil-a lunches
~Shopping (even if it was just window shopping)
~Picture moments
And so much more. I love my cousins--but grew up states away from them. I love that my sisters and I take every opportunity to get the kids together and cultivate those friendships that will be life-long and oh so special (the next best thing to a sibling in my opinion). I am so blesses to have Jessica here full time and cherish the time we do get with Bryn and Noah while they are here. They are safely back in Japan but there is an empty spot in my heart. It is different now that we all have kids. Our time together is so special and I want that for Emma. I know they will be back--but until then, I will remember our 2 months together, everything I listed above and believe it or not (like it's any surprise)--I have several hundred photos to look back on and smile!

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Bryna Rodenhizer said...

You made me cry!! LOVE YOU SIS!!!