Tuesday, January 26, 2010

doc today

So Emma's fever went away on Monday but the snot and cough decided to stay. I had always heard to be leary of coughs if they hang out for a while so I decided to call the nurse at the pedi's office and let her know. She called me back within 5 minutes and told me to come in--so off Emma and I went. The photo was taken with my phone on the way to the pedi's office. We got there and BIG news----Emma stood on the big girl scale all by herself!!!!!! At her two year appointment she was terrified of the thing so this is a huge step for her :) Then we saw her amazing doctor. We love her! She listened to Emma's lungs, looked in her ears, nose and mouth (Emma picked the order). Good news: Emma's ears are clear and lungs are clear! (I had really bad ear infections when I was little which eventually led to tubes in my ears--so I'm glad EGD doesn't seem prone to ear infections). Basically she has a really bad head cold and the post nasal drip is making her cough. Doc said if she isn't better by Friday she will call in an Rx for her. I pray she is better way before that. Tonight I have her humidifier going along with this plug-in vapor-thing. Her room is awesomely moist and vapory (is that a word?). So I am hoping for a restful, rejuvinating sleep for my munch tonight.
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