Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some videos...

Please excuse the mess in the room in this first video. It was the end of the day, had been raining all day and tornado Emma was on the loose! In this video Emma is talking on her phone. I am pretty sure she was talking to her cousins, Jack and Matt. She points out her "froggies" "toys" "outside, raining" "card"....and I love how she says "yeah" like they said something on the other end. SO cute!

Emma's grandparents, Mooma and Doodad, have put out a gospel CD and one of the songs is called True Love. Emma LOVES this song and requests it all the time. Here is a video of her singing along:

and last but not least, Emma whistling:


Wilson Ramblings said...

those are so cute!!!

pinhofamily said...

Emma is sooooo cute! I absolutely love the one of her singing. It is so precious. I love how she mouths the words and it looks like that big voice is coming out of her. I still call her the dark hair version of Shelby Grace. Too sweet! Keep posting!