Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kids Exchange

So ever since I was 18 weeks pregnant with Emma I have attended the bi-annual Kids Exchange at the Fair Grounds in Raleigh. One year I found a rhomper with "Emma" embroidered on the front! Seriously!

I went today and, like always, it did not disappoint. Here is my loot:
1 bathingsuit
1 rhomper (Pottery Barn Kids)
1 "jogging" suit (carter's)
2 hoodie sweaters
4 long sleve shirts
3 vests
4 dresses
3 long sleve/pant outfits
1 pair of capris
1 short sleve/pant outfit
and the "find" of the day.....

A whole Patsy Aiken CUTE is it!?

I got all this (plus two babydolls) for under $125.00--I consider that very good!!

I love a good second hand sale! It's like a drug :)

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