Sunday, August 29, 2010

checking in

Just a quick update from our house. August is coming to an end and fall is quickly approaching.
Emma starts preschool in a week...and I can't believe it! She is going to the same preschool that her cousins go to--First Baptist in downtown Raleigh. Emma is still very shy so I am really hoping preschool helps her come out of her shell a little bit. Will update on that in a week :)
We are moving....getting closer to downtown Raleigh. Our work is downtown and Emma's school is downtown. It just makes sense. We are moving to Caraleigh Mills. I'm pretty excited about this move--and the natural light and two story tall windows in the condo are amazing! I can't wait.
Speaking of natural light--my beloved camera is broken :( I have googled the error message it is giving me and I think I need to bring it in to get it fixed. So sad. I pray it's an easy fix.
BSF is starting in a few weeks. I stepped down from my position of leader and am just going to be a participant this year. I am very excited about that. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in my group and starting the study of Isaiah. I know there are three girls from my group last year in my group this year! So fun!!
Emma is amazing--smart, cute, beautiful, polite, sweet, humble,....really, I could go on and on....She is a pure delight to be around. She has blessed me as a mama. I love her! Here are a few photos of my love...

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Wilson Ramblings said...

so glad you guys are doing well. Emma is getting cuter and cuter... I didn't know that was possible! Thanks for checking in on us, we are doing well, it's been a busy summer and pregnancy the second time around is QUITE different! :) Hope to see you guys soon!

Carolyn said...

Emma is gorgeous! Definately have to get your camera fixed- a mumma can't miss cute photo opportunities!!
Have a great day!