Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Molly 3 months : : Emma 3 (close to 4) years

Here is a short to-preserve-in-my-memory glimpse at the girls (love saying, typing, etc. "the girls") right now. This is going to be just stream of thought so I apologize for the choppy-ness.

What a joy she is!!! She is an awesome big sister, sweet, loving, caring, too big and growing too fast and not my baby anymore. Her face is longer and leaner. Her hair is just as curly--if not more curly. She is holding on to that last bit of baby fat which I think is so cute. She wears 5t clothes. She LOVES reading books with daddy. Ever since Molly's arrival, Emma and Daddy have become even closer. They are forming an amazing bond and Tim is an awesome daddy! Emma loves to sing, dance, perform for us--take a bow, playing with her dollies and taking care of them. She takes care of daddy, duke, bella or I if any of us get hurt. She has such a caring heart still--so sweet. She still goes to her Mooma's house 3 times a week when I work. She loves it there! She helps Doodad in his garden and reaps the rewards with yummy veggies and fruit! She eats so good over at their house--veggies all day long! She has spent the night over there once and I'm hoping she will more often. She will be starting preschool in the fall. She is still painfully shy and doesn't enjoy talking to kids or adults she doesn't know. This is something I thought preschool would help with--and it did a little while she was in it--but it is like pulling teeth getting her to play with other kids. She just doesn't like it. It is a good quality and I don't want to change HER--but she is starting to really miss out on some fun kids stuff as shy as she is. Maybe one day she will grow out of this...we will see. We are working on her manners and she is a fast learner. She still needs a lot of reminders--but she is our clay and we are working hard on forming her the right way. We want her to be a godly-woman who loves Jesus. So far we're not doing a bad job--in my opinion. I love you, my Emma Grace--you are growing into a wonderful, sweet, caring, outgoing--yet shy little girl!

Oh my little Molly-Bear! You are one happy, sweet, funny, sassy little girl. You are a shining light in our little family. Molly is still exclusively breast feeding. She wears mostly 3-6 months clothes and is around 14 lbs. She is following in her sister's footsteps and is developing the best, most kissable, rolls and cheeks! She is rolling up on to her side from her back but can't get all the way over. She loves when we hold her hands while she is laying down and pull her up to the sitting position. She is even starting to try to sit up all by herself when she is laying down. She lifts her head up as far as she can trying to do a sit-up. She has a favorite bouncy chair with spiders hanging down. She is a pro and lifting her leg and kicking she spiders. It holds her attention for at least 10-15 minutes and she really enjoys it. She is drooling like crazy and likes to chew/suck on her hands. I can't imagine she is teething--but we will see. She smiles all the time! She smiles when I look at her, when I talk to her, when she looks at Emma, when Tim walks in the room....she is THIS CLOSE to giving us a belly laugh--it will happen any day now I'm sure of it. She has also found her voice. She pretty much just yells, but it is so cute!! She also goes to Mooma's house 3 days a week with big sis. She drinks my milk from bottles and does great. She has never been picky about her bottle which I am thankful of. She also is becoming quite a paci baby. She enjoys sucking on it right before she drifts off to sleep. She is up on average one time a night to eat. She is in the pack and play right next to my bed but after the feeding stays curled up next to me for the rest of the night. I love it--I'm not going to lie. Her crib is set up in Emma's room but I don't plan on putting her in there until she is consistently sleeping through the night. She takes 2 good solid naps during the day but those are hit and miss sometimes. She also does a "cat nap" in the morning before the big nap and one in the evening before bed time. Her bed time is around 9:00 right now. I can't say enough about this baby and how in love I am with her. I honestly didn't think I could love any other kid as much as I love my Emma...but I do. People were right--your heart just grows to make room for more love when you add another kiddo into the mix.

I just love my little family of 4 and feel so blessed to have them! I am so looking forward to the future with my amazing husband and two wonderful girls!

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GinH said...

I love this update! Molly and Oliver have similar nap/sleep schedules! He also goes to bed later. Mmm I love sleepy baby snuggles in bed!!