Thursday, January 26, 2012

Molly : 9 months

saying: "ma, ma, ma", "ba, ba, ba", "da, da, da", and "na, na, na"

eating: everything and anything. She prefers feeding herself table food but will sit and eat some pureed veggies/fruits if it's shoveled in fast enough. She still breast feeds 4-5 times a day and 1-2 times a night.
moving: she is not 100% mobile but is perfecting her scooch. It's not fast at all, but I will set her in one spot and a minute later she will have traveled several inches.
teeth: she has two on the bottom and is working on all 4 on the top. One has poked through and that is the one to the right of center. She makes the CUTEST face feeling it!

She has perfected the pincer grasp and moving an object from one hand to the other. She is waiving and clapping. She loves banging two things together to hear the sound they make. She likes to stay busy on the floor with toys. If you give her a basket, purse or anything with stuff in it, she likes to explore it and empty the whole thing one item at a time. It's a great way to entertain her if I need a couple minutes to do some things. She loves hearing anyone sing and will often "sing" along and clap her hands. Her Mooma and Doodad who watch her a couple times a week are very much music people--so she is exposed to it a lot! She has just started standing on her feet (with help). It only lasts a few seconds--but it's better than nothing. She does not "walk" with help but it will come. What I learned from Emma--and Molly is doing exactly what Emma did--is that a baby perfects either gross motor or fine motor sills first. Molly, just like Emma, is working on those fine motor skills before moving on to the gross motor. I say the longer she stays in one spot the better!

She is learning how to use her voice to get her way. She's a sassy stinker. She will protest by screaming if we take away a toy she is enjoying or set her down when clearly we were supposed to keep holding her! Silly us.....She is VERY vocal and loves to talk--just like Emma. She has started smiling more at strangers and not showing too much anxiety with people she doesn't know. Maybe we have turned a corner!

She wears some size 12m clothes but is mostly in 18m. She is in size 4 diapers.

21.9 lbs.
28" tall
44 cm head circ.

Here are Emma's stats from 9 months. They're almost identical. Up 'till this point, Molly weighed more than Emma...but now at 9 months, Emma has 5 oz. on Molly. The tides have turned...

Molly is such a joy and delight to our family! She makes me want a third.... Oh...and her eyes...they're GREEN! I keep waiting for them to finally turn brown...but they haven't yet! I am hoping and praying they stay this color. They are beautiful. Her sticks up just like in this picture. LOVE! I believe it's coming in a little lighter than Emma's.

Happy 9 months my Molly-Bear...we love you more every day! You're a beautiful baby girl inside and out...

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GinH said...

#3 YES!!!!!! Do it! ;)

Love the second video, so cute! I want to snuggle with her while she sleeps and watch a movie on the couch. She has the cuddliest look about her! Molly Bear is the perfect name! Happy 9 months Molly!