Monday, April 16, 2012

Molly is ONE!

Molly is ONE!

So when I get around to doing these updates I want to be as thorough as possible...and boy do I remember writing some novels doing updates on Emma. I still want to be as thorough as possible, but this time around I find myself being more in the moment with Molly and not concerned about what other babies her age are doing. I'm loving her for who she is and what she's doing now and not counting down the days until the next milestone. I don't want to forget a thing about her right now.

saying: hi, bye, baby, mama, dada, Emma (maybe), and babbling like crazy--she will sit and tell you ALL about it...just don't know what she is saying :)

doing: waiving hi and bye to anyone and everyone; lifting her arms to me when she wants me to hold her; loves and hugs on all baby dolls and stuffed animals; putting things up to the side of her head to mimic a telephone and says "hi"; pointing; standing assisted; pinching, hitting and biting (we decided she does this the most to who she loves--haha); when we say "birdie" she will look out the window where the bird feeders are; she LOVES wildlife--she will babble like crazy and squeal when she sees birds, squirrels, other dogs, the neighborhood chicken; puts everything in her mouth but if I put my hand under her mouth, she will always spit it out; loves to sit on our front porch, eat cheerios and watch the people walk by and the cars drive by; loves to sit on Emma's bed and look out the window; loves to yell when we are in a place with an echo; is starting to take the shapes out of her shape sorter and putting them all back in (not through the holes, just with the top off); enjoys putting smaller toys in and on bigger toys; is starting to notice and point at lights/fans on ceilings; will look in the sky when she hears an airplane; loves to splash in the bathtub and doesn't even fuss when she gets water in her eyes

NOT doing: pulling up; crawling (crazy, I know); going to strangers (but a little better than Emma was at this age)

eating/drinking: It would probably take me less time to write down what she doesn't eat! She pretty much eats anything and everything we put in front of her. She is nursing* once in the morning and once in the evening--and once or twice during the night if she wants to. She is doing great drinking water out of a sippy cup with a straw.

wearing: 12-18 month clothes--mostly 18 month; size 3 shoes; size 4 diapers

sleeping: she falls asleep around 8:30 and wakes around 7:30 or 8:00. She wakes a few times and eats/snuggles me in bed and then I put her back in her bed once she's asleep. Currently her crib is side carred next to our bed but I hope to transition her to her own self contained crib in the next couple weeks.

teeth: She currently has two teeth on the bottom and the 4 on the top are just poking through. The top ones are taking forever to come down.

All around Molly is just a silly monkey! Really...she likes to make us laugh. She is sassy as ever, too.

She is a wonderful addition to our family. I love seeing her little, one-of-a-kind personality develop. It makes me smile to see her interactions with Emma. Emma can make her laugh like no other...that sister bond is there and I know it will just get stronger with time.

I must admit, while I LOVE the baby stage, I am really looking forward to the toddler stage and beyond. This past year was amazing...and I am soaking up every moment I get with my Molly-baby. I just get so happy when I picture two little girls, running around the house, playing in their room, on the beach playing in the sand. I think God is giving me a heart content with the two kids I have. While I would love to have another--I am content--and that makes me happy. Molly is the cherry on top.

*One side note on breastfeeding. Over the past year, I typed my thoughts up here and here on breastfeeding Molly. Breastfeeding her is something I talk about with pride. Pumping is also something I talk about with pride. As I said in one of my earlier posts, when Molly was born, I set little goals for myself: make it one day breastfeeding, one week, one month, etc. We made it a year+! It was my decision to wean her. She nurses once in the morning, once before bed and then once or twice during the night. The transition has been very smooth--besides a few plugged ducts (ouch!). Molly didn't skip a beat. I took the don't ask, don't offer approach. She didn't ask so I didn't offer. A few more weeks of morning/night nursing and we will close this chapter. I loved being able to feed Molly (for free) for a year! I encourage every mom-to-be and new mom to do your research and get the support you need to successfully breastfeed your baby--even if it's for a day! You can start here and here.

I will wrap up this post with a link to Molly's amazing birth story. A 2 hour, med-free labor...yes please! I would do it over and over again it was so amazing. I look back on that night and smile so big when I think about how it all went down.

Molly Elizabeth
You make me one happy mama
I love you so very much, my little Bear :)

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