Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was smack dab in the middle of the week this was also COLD!  But that didn't stop us from getting out and going to a few houses.  Emma was SO excited to trick or treat.  I think I heard her say, "Halloween is my favorite holiday!" a few she was digging through her candy.  I mean, to a kid, a holiday where you just have to knock on peoples doors and they give you a hand full of candy!  That's gotta be pretty appealing.  I did throw in there how Christmas is pretty awesome because it is Jesus' birthday, etc. a time or two.  Teachable moments people!  

At first Emma was going to be Mulan from the Disney movie, then it changed to Silver Mist from the Tinkerbell movie and then very last minute she decided to be a ballerina.  Molly was a kitty cat--a costume we got at yard sale a month or so ago.  They were pretty adorable!

We went TOT'ing with some dear friends 2 townhouses over.  Emma and Tim were on a mission to hit as many houses as possible while Laura and her trio were happy leisurely walking and looking at all the fun decorations.  After going to a few houses together, Laura and her crew headed back towards home while we continued on our way down the street.  After heading home for some dinner and to warm up a little, Tim and Emma headed out for round two.  They just went to a few neighbors houses and then came back home.  It was a great night!

Today (Thursday) Emma got to wear her costume to school where they are having their costume parade.  The kids go around the church and people in the different offices give them candy.  Pretty fun! 

I'm not a big Halloween person...but Emma's excitement and joy during the day was pretty contagious.  I have fond memories of TOT'ing, running up to houses while my dad waited at the end of the driveway.  Or getting older and handing out candy to the new group of kiddos in the neighborhood.  I hope Tim and I can create the same memories for the will make them smile one day. 

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