Monday, June 16, 2014

Henry : 4 months

Can I bottle this baby up and keep him this way forever?  Seriously, Henry is a pure delight these days.  The first eight weeks were tough, but, Henry has done a 180' from that fussy baby we had in the beginning.  He went from being our fussiest baby to probably our most content and happy baby.  I consider the baby he is now as my reward for those first eight weeks :)
He has this bouncy chair that we call his "man chair".  He will sit in that chair completely relaxed watching the business of our household.  He will occasionally yell at a passer by, but for the most part, we are guaranteed some time to be able to get things done when he is in his man chair.   He has started to reach for the toys that attach to his chair.  He reaches for anything you put in front of his face.  He's getting pretty good at his hand/eye coordination.  Whatever he grasps he doesn't hold on to for too long, but long enough to get it in his mouth one good time.

The Man Chair

Here are some highlights on Henry right now:

Wearing:  Some 3-6 month clothes but 6-9 fit him the best.  He is in size 3 diapers.
Eating:  He is mostly breast fed.  He gets some supplemental formula on days I work (3 days a week) because I just can't pump enough for what he wants when I'm away.  He's been a monkey lately with the nursing.  He will be contently eating then all of the sudden he will pop off, look up and me and smile so big...then latch back on as fast as he can...wash, rinse, repeat several more times.  He is so cute!
Saying:  Coo, Goo, Guh, Gah, Oohh :)
Doing:  Like I said above, he is getting really good with his hands.  He grasps things and brings them to his mouth.  He loves to shove almost his whole fist into his mouth.  He getting better about staying up on his elbows during tummy time but tires easily.  He has rocked up onto his side from his back but we don't have a roll yet.  Honestly, I don't expect him to roll anytime soon.  Neither of his sisters rolled too much.  My babies are just not concerned with the gross motor skills.  While laying on his back he moves/kicks his legs so fast.  It looks like he's running in the air.  He also bangs them down on his chair.  He has also just started to get the hang of jumping in his jumper.  I think that's going to be big fun for him.

Sleeping:  Henry is an amazing sleeper.  Just a few weeks ago he started sleeping through the night.  I was pretty shocked but am going with it!  Molly didn't do this until she was a year old.  He goes down between 8 and 9 at night and usually sleeps until around 6 in the morning.  He takes two solid naps during the day and one or two cat naps here and there.

Here's Henry's official 4 month stats:
Weight~17.3 lbs
Head Circ~43.8 cm

And to compare:
Weight~17 lbs
Head Circ~41 cm
Weight~16.10 lbs
Head Circ~39.5 cm

A few things Henry loves are:
his mama, sisters and daddy
his Mooma and Doodad (they watch him while I work)
being talked to and having a "conversation"
holding your finger
when you touch his toes to his mouth
when you move his arms around and make him dance
looking in a mirror
going for a walk
watching the world from his man chair
bath time
mama snuggles (when I nurse him)
being in his carrier (most of the time)

Henry smiles if you just look in his direction.  He's always ready to talk.  He won't complain when a sister smooshes his cheek with a kiss or hugs him a little too tightly.  He doesn't mind the occasional head band or accessory when Emma and Molly are playing dress up.  He is the happiest, sweetest little love who will gaze into my eyes, grab my face and pull me in for a kiss whenever he gets the chance.

Henry Arthur, God knew what He was doing when He loaned you to us.  You have filled our house with so much joy and have completed our family.  We love you so much, little guy!

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