Friday, December 5, 2008

1 year and going strong...

So after reading one of my friends updates on her 1 year old on her blog....I realized I am SLACKING on an Emma update (thanks Katie ;) ). So here is a quick, not as detailed, update. Emma Grace is SO much fun. She is pulling up on everything and "cruising" around on furniture. She is starting to take one hand off of what she is holding on to to turn around and look. I believe the next step is letting go with both hands...then eventually walking. But..I am enjoying her just crawling right now.

Emma is starting to smile at strangers. This is a big step for her. She has the sweetest spirit and is not the most outgoing baby~but I love that. She will wave bye bye to anyone that prompts her to...and every night when we say night-night to Daddy, she waves bye bye to him all the way up the stairs. We have a solid bed time routine now and Emma loves it. We go upstairs at 7:30, brush her teeth, read two books (the second one is always Good Night Moon), turn on her fan and her bubble machine and rock to sleep. That takes, most nights, all of 10-15 minutes...the whole routine. It is great. She went through a stage of waking at night, but now, when she does, I go in there, lay her down, rub her back and leave the room. She is back asleep in minutes. She is a great sleeper.

She is saying a whole lot. She says Mama, Dada, Ball, Duckie, Down (to get down), Done (when she is all done), balloon, bath, Doo Doo for Duke...that is all I can think of for now. When I ask her what a tiger says...she says "grrrr". It is adorable. She puts the phone up to her ear when I say "ring ring...who is it?". She puts the brush on her hair and will brush our hair too. She will put a hat on her head. She will put smaller toys in big toys and loves to pull toys one by one out of her back pack. I guess when Tim was little, his Mom would call dirty, bad, etc. things "Bah". Well...naturally Tim started saying it to Emma...and then I did. Well, now, whenever she finds something on the floor or something she knows she is not supposed to have, she will look at us and say "Bah" with much power in her voice and throw it on the ground. Like she is mad or something. It is the cutest thing ever. I need to get it on video.

She loves Duke and Bella. She will crawl up to them and lay her head on them, hug them and pat them. She LOVES these dogs. She alose LOVES dollies. She has a select few that are her favorites and they all watch over her when she sleeps at night. They are, George, Under Doggie, Eeyore and Mickey Mouse. She has a duckie she loves but Duke and Bella have made its fur hard (dog spit) she will probably get a replacement Duckie for Christmas. She also has a Cabbage Patch Kid from her Aunt B that we call her baby (her real name is Melodie)...but Emma loves her Baby. She came with clothes on, but Emma prefers her to wear just her diaper so she can show us her belly button.

Emma is going through a phase right now where she is not very interested in eating..but we are getting by. She really likes cream of wheat. She will have that for breakfast. She will eat green beans and peas for her "green veggies". She does still like sweet potatoes. And Tim and I always offer her whatever we are having. She does like to feed herself...but is still okay with us feeding her. And of course...she LOVES her fruit, cheese and yogurt.

She is such a wonderful baby. And Tim is such a wonderful husband. He keeps me grounded. When Emma went through her night time waking phase a few weeks ago...he kept me grounded. I hate to admit it, but he has always been right whenever it comes to Emma and me freaking out about the beginning it was her breast feeding, then it was her crawling, then her night waking....he has always been the rock I need. I could not have gone throught this first year without him (me or Emma). We are two very lucky girls to have him in our lives.

Enjoy some pictures
Clapping while on her car :) She has just learned in the last couple days to get off this car all by herself~but still have not mastered getting on...we are working on that.
Talking on the phone :) (I did not tell her it was upside down)
I don't want to forget these curls. Her hair is getting so long (I am so glad she is a girl so I don't have to cut it for a while) ;)
ok...I thought of some more stuff as I was sitting watching Emma play:
1. She gives sweet
2. she says "uh oh" when she drops something or is anticipating dropping something
3. When she puts something that is "bah" in her mouth, I will go up to her and say "let me see" and she will stick out her toung with it on her toung and let me take it
4. When I sing "shake, shake, shake" when she has something in her hand, she will shake it
5. When she sees something new in a book or something interesting, she will, very excitedly say "Oohhhh!"
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Wilson Ramblings said...

I love the details and the pictures! You are a great mommy, but you were before the details! ;)

*jess* said...

i love the curls in her hair...great post. :)