Saturday, December 6, 2008

I love these people!

So my Dad and his wife were in town today for her family reunion. We met at the Raleigh Times in Downtown Raleigh for lunch. I love seeing my Dad...he was my first love...before Tim came along (but he is a VERY close far as the men in my life).

Anyways...LOVE the timer on my camera. From left to right we have Sandi (Dad's wife), Jeff (Aunt B's husband), me, Emma (who is smiling so big at Aunt B~prescious!!), My dad :), Aunt B (and Noah in her belly who is due to be born any day now) and my wonderful hubbie, Tim.
In this picture we have the same people..but Emma is staring at Mayor Meeker...Yeah...the MAYOR of RALEIGH...he was kind enough to wait for the timer on the camera to go off until he passed by. How nice :) This is good because I don't look like I am about to pee in my pants.
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