Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Emma sure has given us a run for our money. The vomit count is up to 4 times in a 7 day period~and I have decided I handle it pretty well for HATING vomit!! God sure does have a sense of humor ;) Like I said in my previous post...we all have been sick, but Emma's is hanging on. We decided to take her to the doctor today...just to make sure there wasn't anything more going on. The official name of what she has is the norovirus (the cruise ship virus)...because it spreads so easily. So really, there is not much we can do...just let it run its course. I am praying we are on the upswing of this thing. Tonight will mark a full week since the first vomit...so we will see. Also~like I said in my previous post, Emma handles being sick very well. Nobody would know it if I did not tell them.

So in her first year of life, she has had two minor colds...and now this. I consider that pretty well. But...I could go a couple more years without having to deal with something like this again.

I will post some Christmas pictures sometime soon.

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Wilson Ramblings said...

I am so sorry!!!!! We had our niece for a weekend last year and she got the norovirus and gave it to all of us. NO GOOD> We'll be praying for you guys!