Friday, February 13, 2009

Emma's 15 Month Appt.

So Emma and I headed in for her 15 month well baby visit this morning. She HATES the doctor! Poor thing. Ever since she was teeny tiny she has cried from the moment we walk in to the moment we walk out.

Here are her stats:

@ 15 months
weight: 27 lbs 15 oz (95th percentile)
height: 31 inches (75th percentile)
head circ: 46.4 cm (50th to 75th percentile

Compared to 12 months
weight: 27 lbs 1 oz (97th percentile)
height: 29.5 inches (75th percentile)
head circ: 45.7 cm (50th to 75th percentile)

Emma's doc was very impressed with Emma's vocabulary so far (I brought in a list of the words she is saying) is fun to brag sometimes. He was also impressed that she could point to so many parts of her body....That's My Girl! She did get two shots today too...but she did get some pretty band-aids because of that. Everything checks out good with my baby. She is just growing up too fast! It seems like yesterday we were going almost every week for weight/jaundice checks.

We were sad to learn earlier in the week that Emma's doctor, Dr. Auman, is retiring. I am SO sad to see him go...but he has worked for a long time...he deserves this. Tim and I can't decide how old he is...but he is old. I really wanted to get a picture of Emma with Dr. Auman...this is the best I could get. Haha :)

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*jess* said...

awwwe, the picture with her doc is sad and adorable at the same time. :)