Saturday, April 11, 2009

It pays to be a FAN~atic!

Because you get FRONT ROW tickets at Chris Tomlin's concert!! So when Chris Tomlin's new CD, Hello Love, came out, naturally, I pre-ordered it. For the lucky ones who pre-ordered, you got first dibs on concert tix for his Hello Love tour! AND I GOT FRONT ROW TICKETS!!

A few posts ago I got into what a HUGE CT fan I I won't go into detail. Here are a few pictures from our evening with Chris Tomlin, Israel Houghton and New Breed and Christy Nockels. It was amazing, wonderful, Spirit-filled...there are not enough words. Hopefully the pictures will do it justice (they won't, but that's okay).

This was their way to advertise the CT merchandise. These kids were SO cute. I think they are the kids of one of CT's band members.

And Chris comes out!!!!!!!

There was some true and genuine worship going on my friends!

Chris talking about One Million Can (

I love these shots!

Introducing the band :)

Israel came out at the end and they sang a song or two together. SO good!

The encore!

They got CT with silly string...I bet they were so fun to tour with!

So...there you have it...our front row experience! It was so fun and I am so thankful Tim and I were able to go. CT is amazing in concert and I recommend everyone try to see him sometime. Until next concert, Chris Tomlin..... hee hee :)
ps: I am going to post some videos next. I wanted to post them in this post, but with 60+ pictures...I am overwhelmed...whew!


The Cohen's said...

AWESOME pictures!!!!!!! I can't believe you were front row!!! :)

Chillin' with Lemonade said...

Did you tell him I said hi?! haha! See you soon!