Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sisters and Kids

So here is a picture taken from Bryn's recent visit here from Japan. It is all us sisters with our kiddos. From left to right we have: Bryn holding Noah, me holding Emma, Matt holding Jack and Jess holding Lorelei. We have a mighty fine bunch I must admit. These cousins are all going to be so close (if me and my sisters have anything to do with it---and if Bryn moves back from Japan any time soon!). I am so excited for Emma to have such great kids to grow up with!

**this pic is just so *us*....Jack doesn't have on any pants, Emma is wearing Jack's shoes, Lorelei is wearing Noah's old PJ's and Noah has his buddy! LOVE it!!
And for is a picture of us that was taken in January of 2009 (7 months ago). You will notice a few changes! Bigger kids, new additions (Lorelei was in Jess' belly in this pic)....and more love! hee hee

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