Thursday, September 3, 2009


So I got this idea from my friend Katie while reading her update on Nathan. She listed several things Nathan loves.....and what a sweet thing to write down--to remember about your baby. So, I thought since most of my posts are picture related, I would post a little something on Emma.

Where do I begin....Emma is the sweetest, smartest most fun loving little girl I have ever met. She will be 22 months on the 12th of September. That means two more months until she is 2 years! I can not believe it. It is amazing to see how a baby develops in just two years.

Here is a short list of Emma's loves right no particular order:
-reading books (the same 4 books every night--and with two of the books, she can complete the sentences when I stop reading half way through! I need to get that on video)
-her big girl bed
-her buddy (blanket)
-baby dolls
-Duke and Bella
-water (in the bathtub, in the pool, in a cup...she just loves to play with it)
-going outside
-frogs and lizards
-doing her shape sorters
-Yo Gabba Gabba
-singing "Jesus Loves me"
-dancing (with Daddy especially)
-pretend play with her baby dolls (she makes them dance and feeds them) and pushing them in their stroller
-her cousins
-helping mommy clean (putting trash in the trash can, carrying around a paper towel and cleaning things with it and loading clothes into the washing machine)
-really, helping mommy with anything
-cold pizza

Well, that is in for now....there is lots more, but this is the short list :) I tell you what, this little girl is my life. She amazes me every day and I love her so much. She will do just about anything to make Tim and I laugh--it's adorable! I love seeing the little girl she is growing into and can't wait to see what the future holds for her....the possibilities are endless, really.

God is so faithful and so Him be the glory!

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