Monday, September 7, 2009

An afternoon with family

Yesterday Tim, Emma and I went down the road to Mooma's house. Cathy and Danny are in town from Florida. Cathy is Tim's mom's cousin and she and Danny are the kindest people. We have vacationed with them. One time, Tim's parents, Cathy, Danny and Tim and I all went on vacation together and it was one of the best. Yesterday we went to Mooma's house and had the most relaxing evening. I even got to see how Emma spends three of her days a week when Mooma watches her while I work. I tell you what--I can see why Emma naps so well over there. They have so much fun stuff to do! I love these pictures because unfortunately we don't get together very often with Tim's these will be cherished!
Here is Emma with her Mooma (on the left) and Cathy...also known as Ti Ti by her grandbabies. This pond is right behind Mooma's house. It is full of wildlife and even a gaggle of geese!

Here is the whole crew left to right:
Don (Doodad), Laurie (Mooma), Danny, Cathy, Tim, Me and Emma
what a great pic--don't you agree?

Cathy and Emma

These horses are Mooma's next door neighbors! I have a feeling Emma is going to want a pony one day. Tim's mom always talks about getting a mule. I hope she does!

Emma and her Moo. Emma loves her Moo, I tell you what. She has been watching Emma three days a week every week since she was 3 months old (free of charge!). They are best buds.

Emma loves horses!

Emma sitting in Doodad's garden. He has an amazing garden. Emma helps him water all his plants, fill holes....and whatever else farmers do! Emma loves it! (the cat is the neighbors. they call him Elmo. Emma will pick him up by his neck and the cat just goes with it. It was the most well tempered cat I have ever met!)

Emma watering the plants

filling up the watering bucket

Here is Doodad's garden. Emma eats from it every day she is there.

Cathy and Danny :)
This is Brutis (the neighbors dog)...he is sweet

We just sat outside on the driveway and relaxed. There was a cool breeze was great!
Emma has her own baby stroller at Mooma's along with TONS of baby dolls.
She also has a wagon
More family fellowship!

She also helps Doodad with his wheelbarrow!
She also likes to sit on the lawn mower!

Danny being silly....he is good at that

Danny being silly again....
There you have it.....our day at Mooma and Doodad's. We had SO much fun and it was SO relaxing. It was great hanging with family and getting some great pictures! Thanks, Mooma, for the wonderful evening!


Bryna Rodenhizer said...

What a wonderful evening with wonderful friends and family! I tell you what, Emma is one loved little lady!!

Lisa said...

That looks like such a great time! :)