Friday, October 2, 2009

Diggin' in the dirt....

So as many of you know, Emma spends three days a week with Tim's parents (Mooma and Doodad). She, Tim's mom, ever so grasciously moved here from Wilmington to watch Emma when I went back to work when EGD was three months old....did I mention this was for free....yeah, free child care--bless her!

So today Emma got to go on a field trip to a sweet potatoe field where Don's mom dug sweet potatoes until she was 99 years old. This field is owned by Don's cousin--not sure how long it has been in the family, but I would guess a long time. I am so thankful for Tim's parents. For the things they show and teach Emma every day--and today, Emma got to see what a little hard work and diggin' in the dirt got her---dinner!

Thanks, Moo and Doo, for all you do for Emma!!! We love you!
*can you spy Emma?

This little girl lives to help...she is such a helper!

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The Cohen's said...

How awesome! The time that they get with their grandparents is irreplaceable!!! And she sure looks cute out in the potatoe field. :)