Sunday, November 22, 2009

on potty training

So a few weeks ago Emma got her first ever diaper rash. I had always heard "air time" was a great remedy so when we were home I would do some air time with Emma. The first few days of air time involved some accidents on the floor which was completely understandable. I told Emma that when she wanted to "wee wee" to tell mommy and we will go to the potty. I bought her a potty forever ago and she would just play with it. Well, during air time she started to use it....the right way! So I went with it. It was not my intention to try to potty train her having JUST turned 2 but rather wait for her to be interested and want to. Well....I guess the time has come. The more air time we did, the more she got it. Eventually she would be playing, stop what she was doing to run to the potty and make her wee wees and then dump them into the potty. I decided to get her big girl panties. Well, today she wore her big girl panties out of the house, to lunch and to the mall. She used the potty in Brueggers and the mall and never had an accident. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I even brought her potty in the car with us and asked her if she needed to use the potty while I was pumping gas--she said yes--so there we are pumping gas and Emma using her potty in the back seat of my car. I tell you what--I am so proud of her! Now lets see if we can keep this up. Such a big girl :)