Monday, November 30, 2009

potty training and cousins

So I think it is official....Emma is potty trained during the day! She loves to go on her potty and make me so proud of her--it is adorable. For the past several days she has kept her panties dry and told me every time she had to use the potty. Yesterday, the first diaper I put on her was the one to go to bed! This is such an amazing feeling...such a sense of accomplishment. I tell you what, if it wasn't for that horrible diaper rash a while ago, I guarantee she would still be in her diapers. The only thing now is getting her comfortable using public potties. She was okay with it until Ihop! We were in there the other day and she was using the potty just fine...until the automatic flusher flushed prematurely (while she was on the potty) and was very loud!! Well, that's it for public potties for now. So that is the only thing....and if that is our only thing, I consider us doing pretty good.

Here are two pictures we got the other night. We were at my moms for Thanksgiving. I tell you what, Emma loves her cousins. For the longest time she was even shy with them...but now, she plays with the big ones and loves on the little ones. She is smack dab in the middle of all the ages. While over at mom's she played legos with Matt, ball with Jack, peek-a-boo with Noah and loved on Lorelei! If Thanksgiving was anything like Christmas is going to be...I can't wait!

From left to right:
Jack, Emma, Matt, Lorelei and Noah
And here is a picture of the sisters with our kiddos. I love these people!!
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