Thursday, December 31, 2009

Needed to de-clutter

So I have these floor to ceiling shelves that are great. They are in the living room. Since we moved in they have always had the same stuff on them. Special photos, memorabilia from our travels, my small collection of Lynn Chase, books and photo albums. Today I decided a de-cluttering was in order. Emma helped me as I unloaded the entire corner, dusted (deep cleaning dusting which had not been done in the three years that we have lived here) and thoughtfully placed everything back on the shelves. I switched out some photos and photo frames and re-organized Emma's toys. I did have Emma's toys in a seperate 9 cube shelf and moved them to the three bottom shelves of the built-ins--and moved the 9 unit cube out of the living room. It frees up some great space on the floor and looks so much better. I hope y'all enjoy the before and after photos....and I hope they do the change justice. I am very pleased :)


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jessica said...

Wow! looks great Em.