Friday, May 28, 2010

Conversation with Emma

So Tim called me from the car while he and Emma were waiting for drop off with Mooma. Here is the conversation he and Emma just had while waiting...

Emma pulls down the visor in the front seat and quickly flaps it back up
Emma: "Daddy, daddy, there's a surprise in there!!"
Tim: "What is it?"
Emma pulls the visor back down
Emma: "Daddy and Emma are in there!!!"
as they are looking at their reflections in the mirror...

Have I said lately how absolutely adorable my Emma is? Well, if not....she is the most adorable, creative, cute, smart little girl in the ENTIRE WORLD!!

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BSF Misty said...

Kids are so great. I sometimes wish I still had that ability to be so pleased and excited with silly, small things. :-)