Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have two sisters, Jess and Bryn. Jess has three kiddos and Bryn has one. All the cousins are Matt, Jack, Emma, Noah and Lorelei. Aunt B and Noah live in Japan and Jess and her kiddos live here. Aunt B is here from Japan because she is going to have a pacemaker installed for her ticker (she has a heart condition which is to complicated for me to explain). We LOVE having Aunt B and Noah here!!! And the older all the cousins get the funner our get-togethers get!! Here are a few photos I took before Aunt B and Noah left for their Alaskan cruise...but they will be back in a few days to play agian :) Then....the first part of June Aunt B will turn right around and fly to Texas for her new heart. She's excited!

So...stay tuned for more cousin fun :)

Emma, Noah, Lorelei and Jack (Matt was in school) :(
Beautiful Aunt B and Noah
Lorelei just looks scared...she was really loving the strangle--I mean hug--from Emma :)
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