Saturday, June 12, 2010

A day at the pool

So on Memorial Day what else is there to do except hang at the pool? So--that is exactly what we did. My sisters and their kiddos came over. We did lunch and then hit the pool. All the kids had a blast and the moms did too. Here are just a few photos from our day.

(that kiddie pool in the back may have been more popular with the little ones than the big pool!)
Getting ready for a group shot (which is always difficult with 4 of the 5 cousins being 3 and under)
But give them some Capri Sun and we managed to squeeze out a keeper :)
L to R:
Emma, Noah, Lorelei, Matt and Jack
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Misty said...

Emily- I LOVE the new blog look! Emma is so lucky to have cousins her age! They will have so much fun growing up together! Capri Suns always save the day! ;)