Friday, August 13, 2010


So here is my Carowinds post--we went to Carowinds for the Chris Tomlin concert. Our concert tickets included admission to the park! We had a blast--besides it being HOT. Tim's parents came with us. Their birthday present to me was paying for the hotel room and keeping Emma while Tim and I went to the concert. Thank you, Mooma and Doodad!!!!!

Emma LOVED the park. I think she is going to be a little thrill seeker when she gets older. As reserved a child as she is, she shocked me with her little living-on-the-edge attitude. She went on all the rides that she was tall enough to go on.

If I were to do it all over again I would either A: Go when it's not as hot, or B: Spend the whole day in the water.

All in all it was a great day! Enjoy the pics

Emma's first roller coaster:

One of my faves from the day:

aaahhh, time to cool off!

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