Friday, August 6, 2010

Chris Tomlin

So....It's no secret...I really, really, really like Chris Tomlin. It all started when Tim and I saw him in concert for the first time at the North Carolina State Fair. I think it was in October of 2006. Since then I have dragged Tim.........ahem......I mean Tim and I have gone to several other concerts. One in Virginia, two in Florida and two here in North Carolina (Winston Salem and Carowinds). I actually had purchased tickets for us to see him in Charlotte back in November of 2007 but Emma decided to come 5 weeks early so we missed that concert since I had just given birth. That's actually one of the first things I mentioned to Tim after Emma was born--how bummed I was that I would be missing the CT concert. Two of the concerts we went to included messages by Louie Giglio which were amazing! He is such a wonderful speaker.

Our most recent adventure was to Carowinds which is right on the NC/SC border. It included a full day at Carowinds followed by the concert. (I'll do the Carowinds post separately). It was a Spirit-filled evening. The evening was opened by Kristian Stanfill. That was such a surprise because I didn't know anybody was opening for Chris. I know lots of Kristian's songs from the Passion CD's so it was so great hearing him live and sing along. Then Chris came out....and he did not disappoint. The most wonderful part of the evening was when Chris was singing Amazing Grace. There is a line in the chorus that sings, "...and like a flood Your mercy rains...". Right as Chris began to sing those words, the sky opened up and rain flooded down. It was beautiful. It's like God was putting on a show for us....showering us--literally--with his mercy. It never stopped raining until after the concert. There really are not words to describe the evening. I love when God meets me right where I am. He fills me up to overflowing with his presence and comforts me like no other. This is why I love seeing Chris Tomlin in concert. Every time I have seen him God arrives! EVERY TIME!

But one thing I have been convicted of is remembering to not take my focus off of where it needs to be. I tend to get star struck....I really would like to meet Chris one day. I found myself looking past the security last night. Glancing over at the tour bus behind the fence. Wondering if I could talk to a security guard to see if I could get backstage. I found myself focusing more on that and less on God. I was there and I was worshiping....but distracted at the same time. Chris Tomlin is not God--I was not there to "worship" him. Yes he sings amazing songs....but he (and other people) write those songs to connect people to God--not them.

So--the tickets have already been purchased for the next concert. He is coming back to the State Fair this year and Tim and I are 9 rows back center stage. You will find me there worshiping, eyes closed and hands raised. Worshiping the God who created the beautiful music and the people who wrote it.

I can't wait.....and maybe....just maybe.....I will meet Chris Tomlin one day. I will get to tell him in person what a wonderful gift God has given him--creating music to connect people with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Music that awakens souls....

Louie Giglio
"...and like a flood His mercy rains. Unending love, amazing grace..."

Chris Tomlin

I love how you see hands being held raised up.....
Kristian Stanfill--his love for the Lord is apparent when he's awesome!


Carolyn said...

Looks like an amazing night!!
Meeting you tonight from Incourage
isn’t it amazing that He looks down on us in 2 different continents all at once, in all our different circumstances, needs & fears and has us all under those mighty wings,
Blessings & I look forward to reading more of your blog
Hugs dear sister,

Traci Michele said...

How fun!

So nice to meet another sister in the Lord. Don't you love in courage! Found you over there. I'm now following your blog.

I blog over at Ordinary Inspirations.

It is really great to connect with you!


Melanie said...

LOVE Chris Tomlin's music. I've never seen him in person, but I would bet that it is AMAZING.

Have a great day!
~ ~