Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Norman 2010

So my family on my mom's side rented a lake house at Lake Norman for the whole week this past week. We rented it to celebrate my 30th and my Uncle George's 50th birthdays. We were there from Friday-Friday and checked out Saturday morning. We had an amazing time. Tim was unable to go due to work....but Emma and I had a relaxing time with our wonderful family. I took over 900 photos but for now I will leave you with our group photo.

This picture has 4 generations in it:
My Grandma and Grandpa
My mom, her brother (Uncle George and his wife Aunt Robin) and her sister (Aunt Sheri and her husband Uncle Dave)
Mom's kids: Me, Jess and Bryn
one of UG's kids (we were missing Taylor): Dan and his girlfriend, Kate
AS's kids: Charlie and Sam
me and my sisters kids: Matt, Jack, Emma, Noah and Lorelei

Our family has gotten together about once a year for the past several years for different occasions. I need to dig up all the group shots we have taken and post them together. I think our first group shot was at my mom's 50th birthday bash when Jessica was newly pregnant with Jack--my how things have changed!!

I love my family :)

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Niki said...

That is so awesome!! Sorry you weren't able to find a place at Holden, but looks like you had a great time at Lake Norman! You have a beautiful family :)