Friday, October 29, 2010

BDNT~12 weeks

So today marks the 12th week in my second pregnancy journey. Boy do I love being pregnant....but I don't love being tired all the time. Hopefully just a couple more weeks of the 24/7 tiredness and then I will get the alleged burst of energy in my second trimester (my house and husband need it!). According to my online baby web sites, BDNT (Baby Drew #2 if you didn't catch that in my previous post) is about the size of a plum or 2" long. I am getting bigger way faster this time around then I did with Emma. I guess that is a 2nd pregnancy for ya! I think with Emma I took a belly photo every 3-4 weeks. With this one I will take them more often. It's just so fun to see the progress.

So....I give you my first (in public) belly shot. BDNT at 12 weeks! I was convinced there were twins in there until the ultrasound proved otherwise...that was my explanation for getting so big so fast :)
And just for I am at 13 weeks with Emma...such a crazy difference!

And here is Emma's belly photo :)
I love her!


*jess* said...

Oh, you are so tiny! I like your pics, but Emma's - her picture is my FAVE. ;) Congrats again!!!

Misty said...

Isn't it crazy how the belly just knows to pop out the second time around? You look adorable, and Emma does too! I hope that energy finds you soon! Congratulations again!!!